Bulletproofed Pukka Greens

In the run up to my water-fast (the results from that experience are coming soon) I spent 6 weeks tapering my eating habits to reduce any dietary withdrawal symptoms and ease myself into the cessation of food. One of my biggest issues for withdrawal in the past has been from caffeine.


For the last 12 months my first nutrition of the day has been Bulletproof style coffee. I use organic coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Whilst caffeine provides many physiological benefits, it is also addictive and often causes strong reactions when we stop ingesting it.


Rather than go cold turkey, I decided to substitute the coffee with matcha green tea. This would reduce the caffeine content but still give me the good doses of fats that my body and brain seem to operate best on.


I initially used Supreme Matcha Green for my green latte. Then around the same time as I started tapering I noticed that Pukka, my favourite tea brand, had released a new matcha green tea. This one was blended with ginseng, ginger, liquorice and lemongrass.


If you haven't come across Pukka before, they are a local (Bristol UK) business who produce amazing teas and supplements. All their products are made and sourced to the highest ethical and environmental standards. I've been a massive fan of their teas for as long as I can remember and my tea cupboard at home is packed with a whole host of different varieties. It’s rare that a business goes to such great lengths to be as good as it possibly can, and they serve as an inspiration to all of us.


As soon as I tried the Ginseng Matcha Green it hit the sweet spot straight away. To my palette, when blended with the butter, it is super smooth in taste. The addition of the ginseng and other herbs adds more lovely subtle flavours. I was hooked on it straight away. 


I was drinking 3 coffees per day - 1 bulletproof style, one cappuccino and one taken with double cream. Reducing to one bulletproof green first thing in the morning caused me no symptoms of caffeine withdrawal at all. Neither at the coffee/tea switch point nor starting the fast. The perfect result.


Like marmite, bulletproof green is probably not for everyone, but you never know until you give it a try.


How to make a Bulletproofed Pukka Green Latte.


Brew the Ginseng Matcha Green tea in a large cup of boiling water - you can brew it for anything between a few and 15 minutes - brew longer for more potency.

Pour this into a blender.

Add decent chunk of grass fed butter - I use about 40g per cup.

Add a splash of MCT oil.

Blend for 30 seconds.



Voila, creamy green goodness in a cup!