The Voice In My Head

I have a voice talking inside my head.

My inner critic.

It’s always been there.

For as long as I can remember.


It was my identity!

But it was incessant.

And recently it’s started to shut up. 

Now I know it’s not a part of who I am.


It took a while to realise that.

To see it for what it really is.

A relic.

And viral invader.


It seems that we all have one too.

At least one.

That includes you.

The critic is rarely nice to you.

Or anyone else for that matter!


Denying it’s existence increases it’s hold.

It feeds on our fears.

So recognise it for what it is.

But it wasn’t always this way.

The critic was once a good friend.

A form of protection.

To navigate the uncertainty of life.

We were developing.

A memory of rules and judgements.

Based on interpretations.


The reactions of others towards us.


But now it’s still trying to protect us.

With those same rules.

It was a part of my identity!

But it was incessant.

And recently it’s started to shut up. 

Now I know it’s not a part of who I am.

With those same judgements.

It’s an echo from our past.

And now it’s stuck like a damaged record.

Keeping us from our present.


Some people have more than one critic.

And some even have voices who aren’t the critic.

I don’t envy their lot.

Just the critic is bad enough.

But realise.

The critic doesn’t have to be part of who you are.

But realise also.

There’s no instant fix.

No immediate on-off switch.

Only awareness.


Acknowledgement will take it’s power away.

Sit in silence.


Or walk in nature.



Watch it.

Be observant.


Watch without judgement.

Without emotion.

Just watch.

Thoughts come and go.

Ideas come and go.

The critic talks.

We converse with it.

So stop talking back!

Just be observant.


Always without judgement.

Are you watching?

Good.Stay with me.

So here’s the thing.


Can you answer.

An observational question or two?


Here goes.


Are you those thoughts coming and going?

Or are you the one who observes those thoughts coming and going?


Think about that.

Watch some more.

Are you that negative chatter?

Or are you the one who observes that negative chatter?


Do you understand?

You are not your thoughts.

The critic is not you.


The more you observe, the more the critic shrinks.

It’s loss of power frees your mind.


Now you can flick that switch.

Wake up.


And see through different eyes.

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