Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Do you ever notice how some people have more luck than others? That positive things seem to happen to certain individuals time and time again.


Jammy bastards we used to call them!


One of my very good friends was always the jammiest bastard of anybody I have ever known. Good things appeared to happen over and over, creating a King Midas-like reputation in our social circle. But was he just exceptionally lucky, or was there something deeper at work?


For many of us luck is a strange concept. We see it as something magical that materialises out of thin air. We never really dig down and discover why some lucky people are lucky, and why some unlucky people are not.


But peer behind the magic facade, and you’ll discover some interesting ‘luck science’.


Let’s first consider the common definition of luck:


Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.


The key word in this definition is ‘apparently’.


The boffins who have given this some serious thought time have reasoned that luck is the intersection of two factors, preparation and opportunity. 


So what’s going on?




Preparation is getting ready. Work hard and learn your craft, whatever that may be. Immerse yourself.


Focus on your goal but accept that plans will and do change along the way. The path you walk should be just as important as the destination.


Take action, try things and fail forward. Learning and experience are part of the prep work.


Be curious and welcome new ideas.


The sum of your previous experiences have led you to this point so let intuition take over and guide you. Quiet the mind, banish negativity and tender a positive mindset. Respect your hunches.




Potential opportunities are only actual opportunities if you recognise them as such. Take action to turn them into reality - without action they are nothing but wishful ideas.


Opportunity may be missed because your focus is too narrow, be open to related pathways, follow the rabbit and see where it goes.


Every opportunity leads to another - don’t ever be complacent just because one good thing happens.




Here’s the third angle. I believe that there is a just-as-important intersecting factor, passion. Passion acts as a catalyst and can boost the preparation/opportunity theory into turbo mode.


Be outwardly passionate about the things you love and opportunities will multiply. Your positive energy will affect people in a different way - many will also recognise your pathway and be able to visualise your goal. They will enter into an unspoken contract to help you forward your progress. Maybe not immediately, but when they see an opportunity that they recognise for you, they will reward you with their help.


Be generous with your time and money, and share your information with others. This will reap further opportunity. Help people who help you, and especially help those people who don’t. 



Be passionate, don’t be overbearing. And don’t be a stalker! 


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