Stop Exercising & Stop Starving

Stop exercising and stop starving

To lose weight.

It doesn’t work! 

We are doing more exercise and embarking on more diets, yet we are getting fatter as a species every day. We are at a ridiculous point where we are moving the goalposts of what we define as overweight in the wrong direction. Let’s just accept it - something is broken and it needs to be fixed!

Let’s consider both of these erroneous weight loss methods, sometimes tried in combination to doubly screw with your mind.

Calorie restriction, in simple terms is starvation or semi starvation - it’s under-eating.

Stop it!

Not the eating, the under-eating part!

it simply doesn’t work. 

Those who commit to calorie restrictive diets might lose 9 to 10lbs in the first 6 months but are almost always back to their original weight after 9 to12 months. But now they are unhappy that they have failed, carrying all the negative psychological effects that go along with that.

Calorie restriction (otherwise known as starvation) programmes our bodies to eat more - it’s telling us to find food.

Fighting starvation becomes harder everyday for mind and body. It’s possible for all of us to start out with good intentions, but it’s not easy to starve ourselves on an ongoing basis.

We can lose weight without starving - more of that to come at a later date.

And what about exercise?

What happens when we get on the bike, race up 30 routes or start pounding circuits around the park? We burn energy at a faster rate and our programming tells us to eat more. Appetite increases with physical exercise.

If we don’t increase the fuel load we start to function abnormally, both physically and psychologically. Our fine tuned system starts to break.

So stop starving yourself and if you want to exercise, then do it because you like it, not because of some hair-brained idea that you will lose a shed load of weight. 

Exercise makes us feel invigorated. There is something primally satisfying about running in the hills, scrambling over rocks and swimming in the ocean. It makes our heart sing.

So exercise because you love exercising. But remember it will increase your appetite too.

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