Who am I? I am the Climber Guy


I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve seen plenty of what’s on offer in the climbing world. If you decide to read on then thank you, you are giving me permission to share some of those insights with you.


My goal through this medium is to use acquired experience and judgement to help you be better. Not just a better climber or a better coach, but in some small way to be a better human. One who is inquisitive, who seeks to explore tangential topics, to experiment with techniques and learn black arts. 


There is a wealth of information floating around the ether, and some of it is even useful! Lets get to it and share that which might be beneficial and drop what’s not. Expect comments covering wide ranging topics, from the mundane to the extreme. Some bulletins will review the basics of climbing, much that many of you will already know, but some may just contain a nugget or two  that stimulates your juices and helps you push forward. And others? Well some others may perhaps seem a little bizarre. But suspend your beliefs for a moment or two and give your mind some much needed breathing space. I encourage you to sleep on everything before outright dismissal.


We will delve into the arts of effortless movement, distil positive teachings of accomplished others and find shortcuts that can forward our progress. We will look at specific issues from the wider world of life that hold many of us back from realising our potential, issues that affect our climbing, and also our relationship with it. Together we will search for knowledge and use it to ask questions of ourselves. Let’s create a climbing community of learners.


But don't just take my word for it. Disbelieve me. Be inquisitive. Use this as first point of contact with some of the subjects that appeal to you, and then go out and do your own research and find what works for you. We are all different, and all chained to ideals and views that might sit uncomfortably with each other.


If you benefit from the information that I present, then please like the Climber Guy social media pages. Use them for feedback or questions, or to hint at topics that you might want to see explored. Or let me know that I’m just plain wrong and should be shot at dawn without trial! If you have ideas that work for you then don’t be shy, please share them so others (and myself of course) might gain benefit from your experience too.


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The information contained in these virtual pages is a gift to the worldwide climbing community, however please remember, like I have tried to do before you, that you need to take what is applicable to you, and discard what is not. Life is a process of trial and error, and often different methods work for different people. What we need at one stage of life or sporting development may differ from another. Bear this in mind, always take responsibility for your own actions. If in doubt, seek out Mr Myagi for further clarification.


And try always to be the person that your dog thinks you are!


Climber Guy